Jannah Jewels Book 7

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Meet Sultan Muhammad II in the #1 Original Chapter Book Series for Muslim Kids!
In the seventh book, the Jannah Jewels travel back to the famous Conquest of Constantinople in the 15th century and find themselves right in the middle of it! Readers learn about the great conqueror, Sultan Muhammad II and how the Ottomans became one of the most powerful empires in the world. As the Jannah Jewels are trying to solve a puzzle to find the missing artifact for the Golden Clock, they meet a young girl who helps build something huge that contributes to the Conquest. Can the Jannah Jewels find the missing artifact, solve the puzzle, and return back home before time runs out?

A percentage of each sale goes to orphan sponsorship.

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6 reviews for Jannah Jewels Book 7

  1. Amazon Customer

    Every child I know who reads this series can’t seem to get enough. The books are well made and written and children seem to have a lot of fun with them. Each book in the series covers different periods of history and introduces children to historical places and people from the Muslim world by immersing readers in an entertaining adventure.

  2. Alexandria-AH

    My daughter really enjoyed reading this book. We had recently visited Istanbul, and so she was very excited to read a book that took place in a city she had visited – she could envision the action better and could really appreciate the rich history in the novel. She’s excitedly awaiting for the next book in the series!!!

  3. Amazon Customer

    Jannah Jewels book 7 is amazing! Go back in history to the Constantinople Attack! My favorite part is when the Jewels are climbing the wall amidst soldiers and the enemy! I wonder if anything can top this book?

  4. Amn

    My daughter loved reading this book. She is under 10 years. What she found most motivating is the persistence and team work these girls show throughout. What I love most is that the book in these series give more positive role models for our girls in the times when they are bombarded with figure-conscious female models.

  5. Rajkumar Pratab

    Rajkumar Pratab

  6. Omar

    I might have Ertugrul fever, but this series reminds me of Ertugrul! I would love to see this made into a movie!!!

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