Jannah Jewels Book 1

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Meet Mansa Musa and Ibn Battuta in the #1 Original Chapter Book Series for Muslim Kids!

In the first book of the Jannah Jewels Adventure Series, Hidayah, Iman, Jaide, and Sara, time-travel to Timbuktu, Mali in the 13th century! On their quest for the first artifact, a missing manuscript, the Jewels meet the Golden King Mansa Musa and learn all about the world-traveller Ibn Battuta. Just as the Jewels are about to complete their mission, they meet their arch-nemesis, Jaffar! Will the Jannah Jewels find the missing manuscript before time runs out? Will they find the secret written on a scroll hidden in a box inside the Golden Clock?

A percentage of each sale goes to orphan sponsorship.

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26 reviews for Jannah Jewels Book 1

  1. Amazon Customer

    My oldest son loves this series – bought the entire series as an Eid gift after he read the first book. Nice illustrations and finally a plot with narrative which was engaging and made sense (something often lacking in kids “Islamic” literature).

  2. Mariam

    I would recommend Jannah Jewels to anyone with elementary aged children, especially girls. It is about four talented girls who go on an adventure in the past to Timbuktu. It provides an interesting quest in which the reader learns about history, morals and girl power. My daughter can hardly wait for the second installment.

  3. RR

    The story was so enticing, balanced with creativity, and easy learning for my kids. I can’t tell you how hard it’s been to find a book that doesn’t bore my kids to sleep while teaching them this kind of history at the same time. A must for any parent who wants to get their kids really learning in a fun way.

  4. AAxis

    According to my son – the Jannah Jewel books are ones that he could stay up all night under his blanket reading with a flashlight! I have such a hard time finding chapter books with good content, and these are great. Even though the main characters are girls, it is an enjoyable series for boys too b/c it is full of adventure and a touch of history. Highly recommend this series! We are waiting for more.

  5. DRCB

    My daughter hasn’t completely finished the book yet but so far is in love with it. She’s looking forward to reading the whole series. I can’t give insight into the writing as I’m not reading it but my 8 year old gives it 5 stars.

  6. Argm20

    Excellent book for new readers. Something that keeps them connected with the real world

  7. Aly

    Cute and cool story for my daughter that has the values and morals of our religion. Plan on getting more

  8. Rizwan Uqaili

    Great idea for an inspiring series for young girls. My 10 year old went through the whole book on day 1 and loved the story line and already asking for the follow-up books in the series! We’re also going to introduce it to our school library so others can enjoy it as well. So glad we stumbled onto this one!

  9. Jackie

    My daughter could not put it down! The book has strong female role models that a young girl can identify with. I love how they integrate history, fantasy, and moral challenges into the book.

  10. Savvy consumer

    Teaches good Muslim values, presented in an interesting adventure tale. The characters provide good role models for young Muslim girls, while learning a little bit of Islamic history. Highly recommend if you have Muslim kids at home.

  11. Arsalan Jaffery

    Beautiful book! Amazing for history and Islamic representation. On my way to order the next!

  12. Rehan C.

    Great book! teaches girls the value of self-worth and also provides interesting historical ideas all together in an adventure!

  13. Kindle Customer

    Jannah Jewels is a very awesome but short read; not only are the girls smart, brave, brilliant, and the few artworks are amazing and very well detail. But it gives us Americans a much more better view of the Arabian culture than the media could ever gave them. These girls are great role models for any muslim or non-muslim girl and you learn a few Arabic words as well and a bit of history and knowledge from each country the girls visit. They are a joy to read and I hope more of their book series will hit America soon.

  14. Briannan

    My 8 year old LOVED this book. I have ordered through book 8 for her! Can’t wait for 9-12!

  15. E & H

    It’s important for girls and boys, muslim and not, to have strong, non stereotyped female role models. Jannah jewels brings that in a unique way with a twist on time travel, fantasy, super heroes and factual muslim history. It is beautifully written, engaging and an absolute must for any muslim (and nonmuslim) kids library! My daughter LOVES The Jannah Jewels and we can’t wait for Book 2!

  16. S. Walker

    Nice book. easy to read. probably good for girls 6/7 and over depending on their reading ability. i found it late so my 13 year old did read it but was a bit old for it, still she did like it and said she probably would have loved it when she was younger.

  17. Smfy

    This series is an absolutely amazing read for children!
    Is your child not a keen reader?
    Do you want to journey back in time to look into amazing things Muslims did and invented?
    Do you want to learn History and Geography?
    Do you want to learn and revive sunnah?
    Do you want your child to learn how to make du’aa?
    Do you want your child to know who to rely on when facing any difficulty or hard time? And a way out of it?
    Get “Jannah Jewels” Books! Your child will get hooked to this series with so much to gain!

  18. Janna

    My 7 year old daughter absolutely loved it. Fascinating characters, beautiful pictures and amazing story. We will be ordering book 2, 3 and 4 in sha Allah. Thank you and keep them coming

  19. S. Khanom

    Fantastic book! My child was turning pages and couldn’t wait to read the next chapter. So much so he’s asking for the next book in the series.

  20. Rajkumar Pratab

    my daughter loved the story… all the characters are amazing… Hidaya, iman, sara and jade… Alhamdulillah… we are waiting for book two, awesome read, just fantastic

  21. suegal

    My eight year loved this book. She can’t wait for the next one!!

  22. Zahra 🌺

    😃I love 💙 it it is fun 😀 !and my dad read it 2😆 times and it was still fun😀

  23. ilhaan

    i have this book and it is so interesting

  24. Dija

    I think that JANNAHJEWELS is the best books I have ever read also I like the idea of the characters too.

  25. Maymunah mahmuda

    I loooooove your books there the best I am now 8 and I started to read your books when I was 7!I love your books

  26. Aadam

    I have all the Jannah jewels books except book 12, my family loves these books and we read them whenever possible and read as much as we can in the time that we have, keep up the good work!

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