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This boxed set is the ultimate gift for young readers! When the Jannah Jewels discover a mysterious time-travel tree filled with a map, mysterious objects, and a secret scroll in a Golden Clock, they never dream that it will take them on exciting adventures around the world and throughout history! This boxed set contains all 12 of the Jannah Jewels Adventure Series!

Books included with the boxed set:

  • Treasure In Timbuktu (Book 1)
  • Chase In China (Book 2)
  • Bravery In Baghdad (Book 3)
  • Secrets In Spain (Book 4)
  • Courage In Cordoba (Book 5)
  • Mystery In Morocco (Book 6)
  • Triumph In Turkey (Book 7)
  • Adventure In America (Book 8)
  • Surprise In Syria (Book 9)
  • Intrigue In India (Book 10)
  • Evidence In Egypt (Book 11)
  • Unity In Uzbekistan (Book 12)

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7 reviews for Boxed Set

  1. Amina

    This is the most beautiful boxed set of stories for Muslim kids! It is very obvious that every single detail has been thought through and the beauty and great care that has been poured into this really shines through. I love the rainbow touch! The stories are incredibly creative and my children were all enthralled from the beginning. As a Mom, I love the historical facts, the references to ask God for help, and the seamless way the stories are told. The backstory is just as captivating as each individual story in this set! The box is lovely to look at and so well-made! What a great contribution to the Ummah! Bravo!

  2. Peter Gould, Design Executive Officer, Zileej Studio (Salam Sisters)

    My daughters & I love the Jannah Jewels series! The characters and stories are fun, thoughtful and inspiring. I particularly appreciate the exploration and adventures through global Muslim cultures and traditions. The boxed set is a beautiful addition to our home library – highly recommended.

  3. Zaynab

    I have the entire series in the original colour when they had the black covers and I thought those were awesome. But when I saw this new box set with the cool rainbow spines and geometric box set I bought this one too! It has all these cool detailed arrows and wow – it’s just so well made. A rarity in the Islamic Lit department! A must have for every Muslim kid who is on to chapter books!! 5 BIG stars!!

  4. Tamara Gray

    I love your new boxed set! It’s beautiful! These books just fly off the shelves at Daybreak!

  5. Layla

    Ma sha Allah. I loved these books when I was younger and have read all of them. Now I get to read them to my younger sister. Always made me dream of traveling and being an awesome Muslimah just like the Jannah Jewels!

  6. Ruqiyah

    i am a kid and a muslim i love reading mysteriy books i love theses books just like my family does too

  7. Rebecca S.

    My 8yr old daughter loves this series. She has devoured them! She constantly has a jannah Jewels book in her hand. She reads them before bed every night, too. She loves the adventures, that there’s archery in the books, and that they go to different places around the world. This boxed set arrived about a month ago, and she’s almost finished with all the books. I highly recommend these books.

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