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Jannah Jewels is accessible to a wide variety of readers. For younger children (4-6), Jannah Jewels is a great ‘read along’ with a parent or older sibling, reading a bit each day or night. For older children (7-11), Jannah Jewels can be read independently, or continued to be read alongside a parent/caregiver.  For pre-teen and teens (12-16), the books can be enjoyed as a fun fast-paced read to learn about Islamic History, used for book reports and in book clubs to have exciting discussions about relevant ideas and much more.

Yes! The Jannah Jewels have four strong female leading characters AND the series has several male characters. For example, there are over 20 historical figures mentioned in the book series and  half of them are male. Young readers also meet the leading male characters: Jaffar, Moe, Slim, Khan, the Peaceful Archer, and Mus’ab in the book series and as the reader continues on with the series, they will see that Jaffar is much more than what he seems and young boys will be pleased with his transformation. Not to mention, the boys love the action and adventure in the books!

While Jannah Jewels is crafted specifically for young Muslim kids, the concepts addressed in our books are generally universal (i.e. adventure, mystery, love for God, wholesome values) which makes the books appropriate for just about anybody.  If you are a parent, teacher or home educator, these books are a great way to introduce Islamic History to your students and kids.  If you are someone who is curious and interested to learn about the history and faith of Islam in an engaging way, we’ve discovered that Jannah Jewels does a great job!

The Jannah Jewels series have been used by parents and teachers to spark students’ imaginations and to foster a lifelong love of reading and research. The Jannah Jewels taps into the spirit of imagination and takes kids around the world and through time to discover facts and solve mysteries all based on factual information developed through research. The books reinforce critical thinking and the importance of finding accurate information, an invaluable life skill.  Readers learn that research comes in many forms, from reading books to asking mentors for advice and supplicating to God to complete each mission. Additionally, there is a Teacher’s Guide for Book One filled with educational activities!  Also, check out the accompanying workbooks. Our workbooks contain lessons in geography, mapping, mathematics, writing, recipe-making, crafting, and more!

The Jannah Jewels ask God first for help during their adventures in faraway lands. The Jannah Jewels’ characters are not superheroes, but are regular Muslim kids who dream big, make dua, and take action! The series was created to share the beauty of Islam through highlighting the creative thinkers, visionaries and inventors of the past. Connecting young readers to their strong historic lineage and reminding them of their historic glory is what we hope inspires young people to follow in their ancestors’ footsteps.

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