My daughters & I love the Jannah Jewels series! The characters and stories are fun, thoughtful and inspiring. I particularly appreciate the exploration and adventures through global Muslim cultures and traditions. The boxed set is a beautiful addition to our home library – highly recommended.

Peter Gould, Design Executive Officer, Zileej Studio (Salam Sisters)

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Salaam all! I am soooooo excited to share this review of the @jannahjewels books! • I purchased the box set just before Ramadan and I gave the last one to my daughter to finish on Eid as her Eid gift. • WE LOVE THEM • Why? Well there are a million and one reasons but here’s a few of the main ones: • – Think adventure, history, mystery, Islam, family feuds, battles, archery, horse riding, skateboarding, Quran and Tahajjud Reading, Mint tea making, cute animal overload, strong female characters, strong male supporting characters and you are getting close to what these books provide! • – my daughters first association to the names Jaffar and Jasmine is not Aladdin (🤪) • – I strongly believe that the books a mind consumes, shapes the behaviour and attitudes of the person – especially when you are talking about young, impressionable children! I would happily leave any child in the company of Hidayah, Jaide, Sara and Iman aka the Jannah Jewels. There is so much goodness to learn from their characters (and of the others in the book) – faith in Allah, loyalty, hard work, respecting parents, trust in Allah, sometimes failure happens no matter how well you prepare, work ethic, becoming a master of your chosen field, and so many more! • – The books do an amazing job of introducing amazing Muslims of the past. There were so many names I had never even come across before, and even more who I had vaguely heard of but didn’t know much about – think the likes of Zheng He, Mansa Musa, Queen Dayfa, Abbas Ibn Firnaus, Ibn Batutta… in light of recent events…. these books are a great source of alternative history! You could do a whole project on each of the people mentioned above and teach your children about fiction and non-fiction being weaves together in a seamless tapestry! • The books are brilliant for all ages! It says on the website that they are suitable for the pre-teen age group and upwards – but my 3 year old is in love with them! She thinks she is Iman because she loves horses and now carries a book of Knowledge with her ❤️ • – my daughters now make bows and arrows out of sticks and elastic/ string and play Jannah Jewels with anyone who is willing ❤️

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