1. About Jannah Jewels

Jannah Jewels is a Chapter Book Series for young readers
focusing on Islam's rich history.

What Makes Jannah Jewels Unique?

Hidayah - Jannah Jewels

Islamic History

We draw attention to centuries of cultural, scientific and ground-breaking achievements from the Islamic heritage focusing on the Golden Ages of Islam. Get ready to be introduced to a mix of cultures and times in History
Iman - Jannah Jewels

Character Development

Our four characters – Hidayah, Iman, Jaide, and Sara are terrific role models who successfully embody their Islamic identity and allow young readers to see themselves in the books they read
Sara - Jannah Jewels

Action & Adventure

We inspire our youth to contribute towards a Golden future by becoming our next line of forward-thinkers in science, law, medicine, the arts and more with fun plot twists and fast-paced dialogue
Jaide - Jannah Jewels

Empowering Values

We inspire youth to fall in love with Islam by placing our characters in real-life problems and encourage and inspire our readers to deal with similar issues by turning to Allah (swt) first

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