12 Book Bundle

This bundle includes all 12 books! (It does not come in a box)

When the Jannah Jewels discover a mysterious time-travel tree filled with a map, mysterious objects, and a secret scroll in a Golden Clock, they never dream that it will take them on exciting adventures around the world and throughout history! This bundle contains all 12 of the Jannah Jewels Adventure Series!

All 12 Books Included:

  • Treasure In Timbuktu (Book 1)
  • Chase In China (Book 2)
  • Bravery In Baghdad (Book 3)
  • Secrets In Spain (Book 4)
  • Courage In Cordoba (Book 5)
  • Mystery In Morocco (Book 6)
  • Triumph In Turkey (Book 7)
  • Adventure In America (Book 8)
  • Surprise In Syria (Book 9)
  • Intrigue In India (Book 10)
  • Evidence In Egypt (Book 11)
  • Unity In Uzbekistan (Book 12)

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